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Why i joined the leading satellite analytics firm for metals & mining data

Posted by RS Metrics on Oct 21, 2019 12:40:18 PM

We wanted to share with you an introduction from our New Head of Product, Vishal Thiruvedula. More information about Vishal can be found here.


A few weeks into joining the leading satellite analytics firm RS Metrics, I am excited to witness the unparalleled opportunities that geospatial data provides to the commodities industry through my interactions with our customers and partners. With prior experience at Castleton Commodities International, and most recently at Refinitiv covering energy, metals, and freight, I have recognized the inherent value proposition in integration of the fundamental and alternative data, and RS Metrics is uniquely positioned to deliver in providing geospatial datasets across different sectors.

Until recently, geospatial imagery has been viewed as expensive, coarse, and infrequent, but a transformation is already underway. The explosion in the number of optical and SAR satellite constellations being launched with higher resolution and daily revisit should result in both high frequency data with increased transparency. This can be used for creating trading strategies ranging from short to long term. We are already working with leading SAR providers.

Applications for satellite imagery are not limited to the commodities industry. RS Metrics has shown various ways through multiple use cases how geospatial data can piece together different elements of the supply chain and bring transparency. RS Metrics, with its proprietary, patented technology, leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning to extract meaningful and ready-to-use data from a variety of location-based sources. The data analytics, alerts, and end-user applications provided through our platform drives decision-making across financial services, real estate, retail, industrials, metals, government, and academic research.

In addition, our experienced team of data science specialists is continuously enhancing the techniques necessary for extracting, identifying, and quantifying data. Active monitoring and assessments by our team of analysts has also enabled the increased reliance on our data compared to the competition. Furthermore, our expanding group of advisers bring deep industry knowledge that shapes the development of our products by identifying the gaps and providing solutions that are instantly applicable.

As Head of Product, I am responsible for overseeing the product team and managing RS Metrics’ growing suite of offerings. This product suite includes FactorySignals, Custom Event-Driven Monitoring (CEDM), Global Real-Time Alert & Monitoring system (GREAT), and MetalSignals, which monitors the global supply chain through tracking mining activity, base metals, and ferrous commodity inventories. Our continued focus on turning client requirements into solutions will be at the core of our product strategy. We look forward to working closely with vendors to source the best possible imagery as the advances in satellite technology makes the usage of geospatial imagery increasingly ubiquitous.

Topics: Satellite Imagery, Alternative Data, Imagery Analysis, Geospatial

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